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Nail Colour and Nail ArtBy Cutetee


We can provide nail painting of your pets nails. There are many colours to choose from to have some fun and dress to impress. A step above. Little forms of art on the tip of your pets nails will stand out from the crowd. Multi colours and styles.


Some Colour Choices


Deep Red

Electric Blue

Silver Glitter

Pearl Pink

Midnight Black

Passion Purple

Combinations and Patterns


Pet'i'cure, Manicure of Nails


We offer the best manicure and nail trimming available. Not only do we cut, but we also buff the nails. This allows us to achieve the nicest shortest nail possible without having to quik the nail. The secret to having short nails is to have them trimmed regularly. We find on average one to two monthly is ideal.


Manicure of nails is provided within one of our services. We do not offer manicure of nails without a service.


All services provided depend on Size, Temperament and Condition of Coat. We can only work with a dog that will allow the service to be done. Some Services listed may not be applicable.



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