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We have a flea treatment that is compulsory for any pet carrying tiny livestock that visits the salon. The treatment will kill any fleas on the pet at the time. We will also advise you on the best method for continuing flea treatment and the methods to ensure the fast elimination of fleas around your home.



Key Points for Flea Control


Treat all pets in the home

Wash bedding at least twice weekly

Surface spray


The 3 Step Flea Program


For every 1 flea found on a dog, there can be 9 more in the dogs living area. To successful get on top of fleas you need to follow a regular 3 step flea program

1. Treat the dog with the easy monthly tablet called ‘Comfortis’

The tablet is so efficient and cost affordable compared to other flea control methods. And it works! A tablet once a month is all it takes and when the flea bites the dog it dies in ½ hour. Greatly reducing egg laying and skin irritations to you dog. Peace of mind treatment.


Call on into the Salon for the best price for your Comfortis tablets.

2. Wash the bedding weekly

I like to wash with eucalyptus to kill off the flea larvae. Have two lots of bedding, wash and sun one, when dry wash the other.

3. Surface spray inside & outside

Get the Mortein DIY Pro Surface Spray and surface spray the inside skirting and under dark areas like the couch and book shelf. Then surface spray Outside in frequent areas like the door step, kennel and the side of the house where the dog watches the world go by.

If you have carpets, using the Mortein Flea Bombs will help as well.



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