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We offer de-matting of your pet's coat. The service is charged on top of a groom service at a 1/4 hourly rate. We will consult you after inspection of your pet's coat to give you an approximation. Sometimes, we will have to advise if the process of de-matting would be too great and stressful on your pet. If this is the case will not provide de-matting and suggest the alternatives.


Here is a Poodle with an extremely matted coat. As you can see, this coat was way pass the point of being able to brush. The only humane option was to shave the coat off.


The Poodle had matt sores and grass seeds throughout. We had to call in the Vet to provide further treatment.


The sad news is, this is not the first time. We have had other dogs of a similar condition come in due to directions of an RSPCA Inspector.



Starting to remove this poodles coat

Very matted dog


Half off now

Very matted dog having haircut


All finished and feeling much better now

Very matted dog after haircut




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