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Salon Hours

8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

8am - 4pm











By appointment only

Ph 0260408727


Cancellation Policy


All rescheduling and cancellations of bookings MUST be made by phone within 2 business days of your appointment time.


A 30% cancellation fee will be charged if 48 hours notice not given.


Repeat offenders (twice or more) will now be required to prepay over the phone when making their booking.




- When you book and make an appointment for your pooch, we determine how many staff we need for the amount of dogs booked for that day.


- You have reserved all of our staffs time and determined a portion of our income for that day.


- Cancellations with little or no notice, costs US money as the staff still need to be paid.


- We are a small family business trying to make a living, just like you!


Thank you for your understanding


Stylist Fees


All fees do depend on Size, Temperament and Condition of Coat. Fees may vary from groom to groom. If you wish to work within a budget, please inform us.


Arrival/Departure times


We wish to keep your pets experience pleasurable by grooming in stages. This allows us not to rush and distress your pet. When working with animals things can become unpredictable and our time frame can become altered. Please keep this in mind when planning your day. Prior notice is appreciated.

Normal check in and check out times are - 8am-9am to 4.00pm-5.00pm. Outside these hours is not normal and need to be discussed prior appointment.


Toilet Clean up Fee


Please be sure to exercise your pet prior their visit. If your pet oopsie during check-in you are welcomed to Self Service, otherwise we can at $5 cleanup fee.


Difficult dog Fees


Some dogs do not appreciate their grooming and can become a hand full. We prefer to take our time and re-educate them into the grooming process to help them become happier. Addition time fees apply. If you pet becomes too distressed we can ask you to make other arrangements. Hume Animal Hospital offer sedation under vet care. Consent forms are needed.


Matted Coat Fees


Matted Coats add more stress to our equipment and tend to dull our blades. We will charge for sharpening of our blades.


Sedation by Vets only


For those pets that need a little more help with their grooming. Hume Animal Hospital offer sedation under vet care. Cutetee Pet Salon staff do not sedate.


Tired Dogs


Please expect your pet to have a big sleep when they get home. The Salon is a busy place with lots going on. Your pet will be too excited to have their normal naps during the visit and will want to catch up once home.


Water Bowls


All pets have access to water in the Salon. However some pets prefer to wait till they can drink from their own water bowls. If you are concerned, please bring in their own water bowl.


Nails nice and short


Not only do we cut the nails, we like to get them nice and short to train the nail to become shorter. In doing so we can get close to the Quick. This may open and bleed. If this happens, please press the nail an a cake of soap or use some styptic powder to seal the bleed.


Skin Sensitivities


Please advice us of any sensitivities your pet may have. We can cater to all skins types. Some pets can develop the post shave tingles. To help your pet with the tingles, apply baby powder for a day or two will help. Do not allow your pet to rub on rough surfaces. This might develop a skin scratch which can get infected. We can offer you guidance.


Clipper Burn


We can not Clipper Burn your pet. We use the Pro-Vac Clipper System that keeps our blades cool. If your pet does develop an irritation, it would be due to rubbing on a rough surface where some bacteria gets into the skin to cause a topic infection. We can offer you guidance.


Shampoos Proven


All our shampoos have been developed and tested for the use on dogs. From our experience using these products, we have not had any dog develop irritations from the use of these shampoos. If a reaction would occur, it would happen during the application of the product.


ViriSafe Environment


We use the ViriSafe Hospital Grade System for Cleaning and Sanitization of our Salon.


Puppy Grooming Talks


We offer grooming talks during Puppy Classes at Hume and Melrose Animal Hospitals on the ‘Importance of Regular Grooming’ and ‘Puppies First Visit’. Please enrol your puppy for the best start in life.


Hydro-oxy bath


Our stainless steel Hydro-oxy Bath is one of a kind. Designed with strength and pressure to get deep into the thickest of coats. The Hydro-oxy Bath incorporates a 4 stage filtration system and a Fresh Water rinse to ensure the ultimate in pet cleaning - Nothing can beat the Hydro-oxy Bath!




Phone: 02 60408727

Address: 972-b Mate Street Albury NSW 2640.


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