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The Cutetee Extreme Team are professional Pet Stylists located in Albury Wodonga of New South Wales, Australia.


We have under gone extensions, renovations and re-branding to create for you and your pet a true Day Spa Experience.


New and exciting Services that will benefit your pet's look and feel.


We look forward to showing off the all new Pet Salon to you.


New ideas, new services and one very impressive Salon.


Cutetee Pet Salon Stylist Staff are truly dedicated doggie lovers with over 100 total years experience. The owners, Michael and his wife Joanne have created a salon of a high standard, proving professional stylist services and a wide range of additions available. From Hydro-Oxy washes to doggie hair colours for individual looks and a exciting changing display of products are all found at the Salon.



Michael is an Allbreeds Pet Stylist; Was one of Australia's first certified 'Companion Animal Hygienist' and has been pampering pooches for over 2 1/2 decades in the Albury-Wodonga region.


Michael opened a mobile pet care unit back in 1994 than a second later which was operated by his wife, Joanne.


In 2000, Gucci Poochi Grooming Parlour was designed and built by Michael to cater for professional pet grooming needs. Gucci Poochi has become the favourite parlour of peoples choice.


Changes - the parlour was transformed into a Pet Salon - Day Spa Experience now named Cutetee Pet Salon. New and exciting services that will benefit your pet's look and feel.


Michael also had a very successfully carrier showing his Standard Poodles. Some of the Champions to date are Claude, Monet, Juliette, Grace, Rouel, Joulie, Jullian, Giselle and Rhys. All are Australian Champions except for Claude and Giselle whom are Australian Grand Champions. A Grand Champion is 10 times the Australian Champion thus quite the achievement to have been made.


Michael has represented the Albury RSPCA for over 10 years. Roles undertaken have been Publicity Officer which included coordination of the Million Paws Walk for 4 years. The RSPCA's Million Paws Walk is the major fund-raiser and awareness campaign and draws a large number of people each year. During the last 4 years, Michael re-booted the Albury RSPCA Foster Carers Scheme as Foster Care Coordinator. The scheme had gone from strength to strength while in Michael's care. Many many animals had been re-homed during the time in-which Michael held the position.


Another of Michael's hobbies is Multimedia - both Video and Web Designing. Michael is happy to cover Eventing, Corporate, Tutorials, How To's, Promos etc along with Special Wedding Packages to ensure a beautiful memory of the day. This web site and many others have been created by Michael. You can view more developments at www.squarespotmedia.com.au





Salon Hours

8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

8am - 4pm











By appointment only

Ph 0260408727

Phone: 02 60408727

Address: 972-b Mate Street Albury NSW 2640.


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